3DMark for Windows

3DMark is one of the most popular benchmarks designed for testing PC to determine the performance of its components. This version includes a variety of tests (synthetic video system tests, CPU tests, etc.), including those designed for testing specific components (from smartphones to high-performance gaming computers).

Key Features:

  • There are tests Ice Storm, Cloud Gate and Fire Strike.
  • Availability of tests for libraries DirectX 11, DirectX 10 and DirectX 9.
  • Ability to test tablet PCs and laptops to the latest high-end gaming 4K PCs.
  • Comparison of test scores with other devices on the Windows, Android and iOS platforms.
  • Having a free online account to view the results.

The right test every time

Choose your tests

Compare results

Easy to find the right test for your PC. 3DMark automatically scans your hardware and recommends the best test for your system.

3DMark is getting bigger every year thanks to new tests. By purchasing 3DMark from Steam, you can install only the tests you need.

See how your 3DMark score compares to other systems with the same CPU and GPU combination.

Equipment monitoring

Custom Settings

Game Performance Evaluation

Detailed charts show how CPU and GPU temperatures, clock speeds, and frame rates changed during the test.

Explore the performance limits of your PC by changing resolution and other quality settings to make tests more or less demanding.

3DMark helps you match your performance to actual game performance by estimating the frame rates you can expect in a range of popular games.

3DMark stability tests:

You can use stability tests to check your computer’s stability after building a new computer or after overclocking. But they are only available in the paid version on the Resilience Tests tab:

You don’t have to use 3DMark for these purposes, you can use the same AIDA64, which has a free trial period or Prime95, which is completely free.

View 3DMark results:

Also in the free version you can view the results of the 3dmark test at the last scan. To do this, open the Results tab:

Download 3DMark

Last update:

version v2.25.8049

This is a minor update. Test results are not affected.


  • Fixed an issue with Night Raid color space when rendering on one GPU and outputting to another. This issue was purely cosmetic and did not affect performance or results in the previous version of 3DMark.

version 22-7359

This is a minor update. Test results are not affected. Corrected
  • Fixed a rare issue that prevented 3DMark from launching on some systems.

version 22-7358

This is a minor update. Test results are not affected. Improved
  • 3DMark now recognizes sub-zero GPU temperatures when calculating average temperatures on systems with exotic cooling.
  • Improved system compatibility checking for Port Royal and testing of NVIDIA DLSS functions.
  • Fixed an issue where failed or canceled CPU profile tests were incorrectly considered valid runs.
  • The 3DMark splash screen now displays correctly when launching the application.

version 22-73

This is a minor update. Test results are not affected.


  • The Home screen now recommends the best 3DMark tests for your graphics card, processor, and storage device.
  • The tests screen now displays a filter panel by default, making it easier to find and select tests for your equipment.
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